Graphic Design & Art Direction


Summary of Experience

Over 18 years experience  designing and art directing  print  and  web  communications,  including  seasonal
brochures,  magazines,  catalogs,  print  ads,  newsletters,  annual  reports,  logos,  and  websites.
6 years of experience in directing photography for print and web communications.

Employment History

JAFRA  COSMETICS  -­ WESTLAKE,  CA                                                                                  
Creative  Manager: 2012  -­  2018
Manage  a  team  of  two  designers  and  two  copywriters  in  the  design  and  production  of  all marketing,  advertising  and  communications  materials. 

  • Hands  on  Creative  Director,  work  on  different  projects  at  the  same  time. 
  • Provide  the  creative  direction  for  photography  (e.g.,  photo  shoots),  print  materials  and web  communications,  including  seasonal  brochures  and  catalogs
  • Produce  marketing  materials  that  align  with  corporate  branding  and  achieve  sales  goals
  • Ensure  that  all  creative  is  at  the  leading  edge  and  ahead  JAFRA’s  competitors
  • In  charge  of  press  checks  for  monthly  publications

URBAN  HOME  -­  OXNARD,  CA                                                                               
Senior  Art  Director: 2009 - 2012      
Led  design  direction  for  all  print  and  web  related  communications.

  • Designed  weekly  promotional  newsletters,  print  ads,  postcards,  flyers,  and  in-­‐store  and outdoor  signage
  • Provided  updates  to  website,  graphics,  and  photography  using  CMS   system
  • Oversaw  the  photography  for  new  products  and  advertising  campaigns
  • Ensured  that  all  communications  aligned  with  marketing  objectives  and  sales  goals

Senior  Graphic  Designer: 2005  -­ 2009
Led  design  direction  and  team  of  three  designers  while  maintaining  client  relationships. 

  • Provided  project  management,  scheduling,  and  coordinated  outside  resources  for  the production  of  monthly  newsletters  for  a  variety  of  clients
  • Repositioned  and  developed  new  marketing  campaigns  for  a  radio  station  looking  to develop  a  new  market  niche  and  grow  aggressively
  • Maintained  and  fostered  client  relationships

TBWA  CHIAT  DAY  -  GUATEMALA  CITY                                  
Creative Director: ­ 1998 - 2001                                                                                                            
Led  design  direction  to  a  team  of  three  design  professionals,  a  copy  writer  and  executive,  and maintained  client  relationships. 

  • Created  new  strategies  and  advertising  campaigns  on  a  monthly  basis  for  various companies,  such  as  Kodak,  Kiss  FM,  and  Domino’s  Pizza
  • Provided  creative  for  print,  TV,  radio,  brand  ID,  logos,  displays  and  presentations  for trade  fairs  on  an  international  level. 
  • Created  annual  reports  and  sales  collateral

TIPOSGRAPHICART  - GUATEMALA  CITY                               
Senior Graphics Designer: 1992 -­ 1998                                                                                                 
Led  team  in  the  design  and  production  of  an  art  magazine,  and  developed  brand  ID. 

  • Served  as  Creative  Director  for  ARTERIA  Magazine,  responsible  for  visual  concepts  and content
  • Created  design  products  (e.g.,  music  CDs)  for  several  clients  in  the  art  industry
  • Repositioned  and  developed  new  marketing  campaigns  for  local  companies
  • Created  brand  ID  for  trade  shows  and  fairs
  • Designed  numerous  logos  and  branding

Software Skills

(PC/MAC/English/  Spanish) 
Adobe  Photoshop  CC,  Adobe  Illustrator  CC,  Adobe  InDesign  CC,  Adobe  Acrobat  Professional,  Adobe  Distiller,  Dreamweaver,  Freehand,  Microsoft  Office,  iMovie,  Keynote,  PowerPoint. 


B.A.,  Graphic  Design,  Landivar  University,  Guatemala,  1994

Additional  coursework  and  workshops  include: 

  • How  Live,  REACH  Accelerating  Creative  leadership  Conference,  NY,  2017. 
  • How  Design  Live  Design  conference  2016,  Atlanta. 
  • Film  Direction,  Moorpark  College,  2007. 
  • Conceptual  Art  Workshop  with  Mexican  Curator  Guillermo  Santa  Marina,  Galeria  Velia de  Bico,  2001. 
  • Photography  Workshop,  Kodak  Miami,  Raúl  Tuzón,  Antigua  Guatemala,  2000. 
  • “How  to  Write  Fiction”  Workshop,  Landivar  University,  Guatemala,  2000. 
  • Creativity  Workshop,  Guatemalan  Artist  -­‐  Luis  Gonzalez  Palma,  Colloquia,  2000.

Select Awards and Honors

  • First  place  in  the  poster  contest  “MYRNA  MACK,”  Guatemala,  2006. 
  • Finalist  in  the  international  contest  “Imagining  Ourselves,”  based  on  the  global  project “Imagining  Ourselves,”  Museum  of  Women,  San  Francisco,  California  2005. 
  • Merit  Award  in  the  international  logo  design  contest  for  “WACC”,  Holland,  2000. 
  • Merit  Award  in  postcard  and  t-shirt  design,“How  International  Magazine”,  USA,  1995.